How to grow plants with grow tents

Nowadays, grow tents has gained popularity among many indoor growers. These tents provide perfect indoor growing space for wide variety of plants. However, the number of plants will depend on the size of your grow tent. Once you have set up your grow tent, you will be ready to start growing plants in it. Usually, the plants are grown on pots or trays which have an appropriate growing medium. How do you grow plants successfully inside the grow tent? There are number of things you should consider when growing plants with grow tents;

Lighting system

You should hang the lights above your plants. Ensure that you place the lights such that it cannot be outgrown by plants that when they reach maturity. In this case, grow tents with height adjusting capability to allow more space for your place to grow. In this case, you will not bang your head on the lights when tending your plants inside such grow tent. The distance between the lights and your fully-grown plants should be at least 60 centimeters.

During the growth period, your plants should have about 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. This phase should last for at least two weeks until the plants have grown to a height of about 25 cm. During the flowering stage, your plants will require 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. You should note that the length of flowering is not the same for all plants.


The extract fan must always be on when the lights are on. On the hand, during dark phase, the fan should be connected about 15 minutes every hour. However, during the last week of flowering stage, you should connect the fan for 15 minutes every half an hour. Also, the fan has to work continuously when the humidity levels have reached 90 percent.

Temperature and humidity

These are important factors when growing plants in the grow tent. The temperature inside the grow tent should not exceed 31 degree centigrade and the minimum temperature is 17 degrees. In this case, the ideal temperature should lie between 20 and 28 degree centigrade. On the other hand, the relative humidity should not exceed 75 percent and should not be lower than 20 percent. In this case, the ideal humidity should lie between 40 and 60 percent. You should install a thermo-hygrometer to control the temperature and humidity inside the grow tent.

Watering and fertilizer application

Water and nutrients are very essential for the optimal growth of plants in the grow tent. In this case, your plants should receive the appropriate amounts of water and nutrients throughout all stages of growth. At the onset of growing season, each plant requires about 150ml of water per day. This amount should be increased to 250ml as your plants begin to flower. However, you should provide your plants with about 150ml during the last two weeks of flowering stage. Moreover, you should fertilize the plants frequently. When applying the fertilizers, you should water your plants with nutrient solution instead of plain tap water.


Growing plants with the grow tents is not hard as it may seems. All you need is to provide your plants with the right conditions.

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