Growing medium for Gorilla grow tent

Growing medium is a critical component that supports the growth inside the gorilla grow tent. The growing medium does not necessarily have to be soil as in the case of outdoor plants. Here are some of the most popular growing media for gorilla grow tent.

#1. Rockwool

This is a popular growing medium that is being used by most indoor growers. Rockwool comes in various sizes that make it ideal for all types of growing trays and pots. This man-made growing medium can hold sufficient amount of air and water. Rockwool has excellent breathability that allows quick nutrient uptake and healthy root growth. However, it is important to note that Rockwool has naturally high pH. In this case, you should soak it in water for about an hour before using the medium.

#2. Vermiculite

This is a mineral component of mica and clay that has been subjected to intense heat. This growing medium is very light and has excellent water retention capability. However, in most cases, vermiculite should be used in combination with other media. Remember that this medium is too light to provide decent support to the root structure.

#3. Perlite

This is a volcanic glass that has been made into granules. Perlite has neutral pH, so it does not require any treatment before using it. Moreover, perlite has excellent water retention. It has very light weight, so it is ideal for potted plants in the Gorilla grow tents. However, it important to wash the perlite before using it in the grow tent. Also, this growing medium has dust that irritates your lungs. In this case, you should wear a mask when using this growing medium.

#4. Coco-coir

This growing medium has gained popularity for indoor growing. Coco coir is made from coconut husks that take long to break. In this case, coco-coir is reusable. This growing medium provides excellent aeration and drainage. Coco-coir comes in various shapes and sizes.

#5. Clay pellets

This growing medium is formed from small balls of clay that has been subjected to extreme heat. Clay pellets are porous hence providing excellent drainage and aeration. Also, this growing medium has neutral pH. In this case, clay pellets can be sterilized and re-used over and over. Also, the porous structure allows the growing medium to retain moisture while promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria.

#6. Gravel and grit

This growing media comes in different forms, sizes, and colors. Therefore, you should ensure that you are choosing horticultural gravel and grit. This is important because you will find gravel and grit that is not contaminated by chemicals.

#8. Soil

This is one of the most favorite growing media that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Most people use soil as a growing medium in the gorilla grow tent. There are soils that have been specially designed for indoor growing environments. Most of these soils have added fertilizers. There are claims that indoor plants grown on soil have a better taste as compared to other growing media. Soils have the ability to maintain a constant pH.


Just like any other indoor growing environment, you require growing medium inside the gorilla grow tent. The above growing media ensures that you get bumper harvests from your grow tent.

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